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About this Blog

This blog is administered by the family of Elder Taylor Garrett for the benefit of his family members and friends.  The blog postings here are from Elder Taylor Garrett, posted by a family member on his behalf.  The site is designed to help him share his reflections on his missionary service and to let friends and family stay involved with his activities.  This site is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  All content in this site is the responsibility of the writer and no opinions expressed herein should be construed to be in any way approved or endorsed by the Church.

Editorial Notes:

  1. The names of any Italians Elder Garrett mentions in his letters will be changed here for privacy purposes, however the names of other missionaries will not be changed.
  2. If a letter contains comments that are private for his family, they will not be included here.
  3. If editorial notes are needed for understanding or clarity, such notes will be included in square brackets and green text, like [this].
  4. Occasionally, family members will enter complete blog postings.  These will be distinct from Elder Garrett’s postings because they will be in a green type color.  They will also note that they have been posted by family, rather than by Elder Garrett himself.

For questions or comments about this website, please contact the webmaster at

Banner Photo:  Naples, Italy, with Mt. Vesuvius in the background (used by permission)