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Vatican and Colosseum Pictures

[A few weeks ago, Taylor took some photos during their visit to the Vatican.  He was unable to send them at the time because they had just received their iPads and he didn’t have a mechanism in place yet to send the photos.  We finally received them, so here are the photos from the visit of the Rome 1 District to the Vatican back in June.]

Visiting the Vatican Vatican Selfie Vatican Museum Vatican Mummy Vatican Mummy 2 Vatican Art6 Vatican Art Vatican Art 13 Vatican Art 12 Vatican Art 11 Vatican Art 10 Vatican Art 9 Vatican Art 8 Vatican Art 7 Vatican Art 5 Vatican Art 4 Vatican Art 3 Vatican Art 2 Vatican Architecture Vatican Architecture 5 Vatican Architecture 4 Vatican Architecture 3 Vatican Architecture 2 Rome 1 District at the Vatican Into the Vatican Anziani in the Vatican

[The week before they visited the Vatican, they were able to visit the Colosseum.  Here are some pictures from that excursion]

Colloseum with Elder Rasband Colloseum Inside 6 Colloseum Inside 5 Colloseum Inside 4 Colloseum Inside 3 Colloseum Inside 2 Colloseum Inside 1

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