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Tràpani – Week 5
Transfer 5, Mission Week 35


I hope that everyone had an amazing week! This week was weird for us, but we made it through and were able to really see a lot of good things happen this week.

So Monday night we had a family home evening and had a new investigator that night. We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It started out really well and then went kind of crazy (not in a bad way. Just got a little off topic and such) and we got it reeled back in. We went off topic after a few minutes more and we just needed to get it reeled back in. We went from talking about the Great Apostasy and went straight into Joseph Smith and the First Vision. It was really amazing because everything just got quiet and we could feel the spirit really strongly as we shared about Joseph Smith and the first vision. It was really amazing to just feel the spirt as we talk about that event that changed everybody’s lives. It was a really cool experience.

Tuesday we went to Palermo for our DDM [district meeting] and then we had to stay there because we went to the airport to go pick up Anziano Goode, who had to come back down to Tràpani to pick up his permesso (papers to stay in Italy). So it was a long day but it was really good. We got the permesso, no problem, and sent him back to Palermo and then we went and had some lessons.

Thursday we had a scambio and Anziano Trejo got to come back here to Tràpani. This was his first city in the mission and now he is back in Palermo as one of our zone leaders. He is super awesome. He is really funny, loving, kind, and is an amazing missionary. He was super fun to work with and I had a lot of good things to learn from him.

Friday we had some lessons planned but some of them fell through, but we had a good night. We made some caramel apples for some people and the first batch was a big learning curve. We are no Sister Cloward, but we tried our best.  The second batch looked and turned out much better. The third should be even better. 

Saturday we had the chance to go to Palermo to watch two baptisms and were able to take our investigator up with us. It was a really good experience for him and it was really cool to see two people step into the waters of baptism! After that we had to hurry to catch our bus back to Tràpani and it absolutely poured on us. We were in our suits and were just soaked. We were so wet. The people selling umbrellas tried to get us to buy one. We just told them it was too late. It would have been useless hahaha. It was a good time though. We had a really good week though for sure.

Tràpani is really awesome and I love getting to know the people down here and we are really looking to continue to push ourselves in the work and become better and better missionaries. The love for this work continues to grow and grow.

This week for my ponderizing scripture I chose Moses 7:53

53 And the Lord said: Blessed is he through whose seed Messiah shall come; for he saith–I am Messiah, the King of Zion, the Rock of Heaven, which is broad as eternity; whoso cometh in at the gate and climbeth up by me shall never fall; wherefore, blessed are they of whom I have spoken, for they shall come forth with songs of everlasting joy.

I really like that if we climb up by the Savior we will surely never fall. I love this Mormon Message  that is connected with my scripture as well as the talk that is referenced in the video. It is entitled A Secure Anchor it is really amazing. I love the message that Elder Richard G. Scott shares. The reference for the talk is The Atonement Can Secure Your Peace and Happiness.

I hope that everyone had and will have another amazing week this week. Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Look forward to hearing from you all soon!


Anziano Garrett

Making caramel apples

Making caramel apples

Basilica-Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Annunziata (also called "Madonna of Tràpani") , Tràpani, Italy

Basilica-Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Annunziata (also called “Madonna of Tràpani”) , Tràpani, Italy

According to Wikipedia, "The ancient convent today is the "regional museum Agostino Pepoli", one of the most important Sicilian museums"

According to Wikipedia, “The ancient convent today is the “regional museum Agostino Pepoli”, one of the most important Sicilian museums”

Guillotine in the museum.

Guillotine in the museum.

Guillotine in the museum

Guillotine in the museum

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