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Roma 1 – Week 8
Transfer 2, Mission Week 14

Ciao tutti!

So this week went really well and was a lot of fun.  I hope that everyone else had a great weekend that you are all enjoying life.  Summer is here, no doubt, and I  hope that everyone will make the most of their time off school and enjoy the summer.

Last Monday on our p-day we didn’t really do much, but just kind of walked around and I saw some things that I hadn’t seen yet but it was fun all the same.  We then had a lesson that night with a new convert family that was super fun.  We shared a lesson on the importance of the Book of Mormon and they said that they would try to have us over for family home evening and get a referral for us.  Super awesome!  Their little girl is super cute and super funny, even though I don’t always know what she is saying, due to the lack of my vocabulary.

We had a lot of things and lessons planned out this week and it all just kind of went wack and fell through, unfortunately.  So Tuesday we didn’t have any lessons, but we went and set up our iPads that day with the assistants.  It was cool to get them and I am sure that they will help us a lot to be able to share messages with people and help us bring people unto Christ. [Read more…]