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About the Mission

Italy Rome Mission

The Italy Rome Mission is one of two LDS missions in Italy.  The other mission, the Italy Milan Mission, is to the north.  Although the name of the mission corresponds to the location of its headquarters (in Rome), the mission encompasses the entire southern portion of Italy, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.  It also includes the small island nation of Malta.

The church congregations (called "wards" and "branches") within the Italy Rome Mission are administered by 4 stakes, 1 mission district, and one branch in Malta that is directly administered by the Mission.  Missionaries in the Mission are assigned to all of the units within the Mission boundaries, as needed.  The Mission President, in consultation with the Stake Presidents of the 4 stakes, is responsible for determining where missionaries are assigned to labor.

Church units and missionary zones in which I have served are in bold red text.

Rome Italy East Stake
L'Aquila Branch
Roma 5th Branch
Pescara Ward
Roma 2nd Ward
Roma 3rd Ward
Roma 6th Ward
Terni Ward
Rome Italy West Stake
Battipaglia Branch
Castellammare Branch
Flegreo Branch
Napoli Branch
Olbia Branch
Oristano Branch
Sassari Branch
Cagliari Ward
Caserta Ward
Ladispoli Ward
Roma 1st Ward
Roma 4th Ward
Puglia Italy Stake
Bitonto Branch
Brindisi Branch
Catanzaro Branch
Cosenza Branch
Crotone Branch
Lecce Branch
Bari Liberta Ward
Bari Poggiofranco Ward
Foggia Ward
Taranto 1st Ward
Taranto 2nd Ward

Palermo Italy Stake
Agrigento Branch
Gela Branch
Mistretta Branch
Palermo 3rd Branch (English Speaking)
Siacca Branch
Sigonella Branch
TrĂ pani Branch
Catania Ward
Messina Ward
Palermo 1st Ward
Palermo 2nd Ward
Ragusa Ward
Siracusa Ward
Reggio Calabria Branch
Italy Rome Mission
Mosta Branch (Malta)
Missionary Zones

For missionaries, the mission is divided into 8 zones:

Rome East
Rome West
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