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Transfer Dates

Missionary transfers generally take place every 6 weeks.  Missionaries will normally arrive and depart the mission on transfer days.  In addition, changes in assignment will take place on these days.  Missionaries often count their time in terms of transfers, e.g. "I have been in this town for 2 transfers," or 12 weeks.  Missionaries also refer to the time since the last transfer as "this transfer," so it not only refers to the date of the change, but also the 6 weeks following.

There are 6 different date cycles that are used and each mission is assigned one of them. These are the transfer dates for the Italy Rome Mission (bold indicates current assignment):

4 March 2015 (Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah)
15 April 2015 (Assigned to Roma 1) 
27 May 2015 (Continue in Roma 1)
8 July 2015 (Continue in Roma 1)
19 August 2015 (Continue in Roma 1)
30 September 2015 (Assigned to Tràpani)
11 November 2015 (Continue in Tràpani)
9 December 2015* (Continue in Tràpani)
3 February 2016 (Continue in Tràpani)
17 March 2016 (Assigned to Cosenza)
28 April 2016 (Continue in Cosenza)
2 June 2016** (Assigned to Catania)
14 July 2016 (Continue in Catania)
18 August 2016*** (Continue in Catania)
6 October 2016 (Continue in Catania)
17 November 2016 (Assigned to Sciacca)
29 December 2016 (Continue in Sciacca)
7 February 2017 - Head home!

*In lieu of the normal December 23rd transfer date
** Transfers adjusted as of this date, thus the 5 (instead of 6) week transfer between 28 April and 2 June
*** 5 Week transfer adjusted this date

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